July 24, 2009

Manufacturing Dates

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Trying to get more information on the 301s, I called Singer to find out the time period the 301 was manufactured. One site said it was produced from the 1930s until the 1960s. According to the woman I spoke with, the 301 and 301A models were produced from 1949 until 1959. I forgot to ask how many were manufactured during that time.

I was thinking it would be fun to gather some info, if no one else has already tried. If you come across this site and own a 301 or 301A, please comments with the following information:
Serial Number
State in which you live
Where/how you acquired your 301/301A


New Singer 301A

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I just purchased  a Singer 301A (my first) on eBay this week (Mocha, born in 1951 in Anderson, SC).  I had actually been searching for a Singer 185 J3, but wasn’t having much luck finding one in good condition.  The 185 J3 was the sewing machine my mom had when she taught me to sew, and when she purchased a new zig-zag Singer Stylist 513, she moved the little green monster into my room for me.  Unfortunately, my grandpa borrowed it from my mom to hem some pants, my cousin borrowed it from my grandpa, my grandpa passed away and my cousin refused to return it, saying he gave it to her.  Yes, I’m still upset 33 years later.  I loved that machine.  So, that leads me to my 301A. After I clicked the ‘Confirm Bid’ button and won the machine, I kicked myself.  I never even went to any local thrift shops.  So, off I went.  Stopped at the first of six and went inside.  Asked if they had any sewing machines – just one in the cabinet in the corner.  I’ll be darned, a 301A, an LBOW, covered in smoke residue and about 30 years of grime…

I’ve found lots of good information in bits and pieces online about the 301 and 301A, but I’d like to gather more and keep it in one place.  Hopefully, other 301 owners will find this site and contribute.  If not, I will at least post what I find out here.

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